Build your own renegade

You have control over how your character looks and plays. Weapons are only the beginning! In your profile view, you can customize your weapons, armor, specials, boosts and your appearance.


You can build weapons in Pistol, Rifle and (soon!) Heavy configurations. Each weapon type is made up of six parts. The stats and features from each of these parts rolls up to determine the behavior and strength of your weapons. You can build as many weapons as you'd like and take two into combat with you. If you loadout two pistols at the same time, you can DUAL WIELD them!

Everything in Renegade has a powerlevel. Powerlevels give you a short hand way to tell how, wait for it... powerful an item is. The damage stat has a big impact on power. Your grip will determine if you build a single shot (high damage to weak points), auto-fire (high fire rate) or burst (controlled mayhem) trigger type. And your magazine will configure bullets, rockets or spreads. There are a ton of features in these parts and experimentation is encouraged!



Your armor controls your defensive strengths such as health and shield levels. You are able to custom skin every character part, especially your armor which gives you a distinct look in the community. Your boots determine your movement type. Jump boots let you move vertically and fly across levels.



Specials take the form of grenades and deal area of effect damage. Grenades can be lobbed over cover and also have homing capabilities. In addition to regular grenades you can equip cluster bombs which spawn multiple explosive children and sticky grenades.