Aug 4th, 4:00PM Pacific Time

Join us LIVE! on August 4th at to watch the special pre-release Renegade Event - "Beat-A-Dev" in which our beta players are challenged to beat the devs at their own game! All entrants will receive 3 free item crates. Any players that best @steakbacon will also get 10,000 SCRAP. Yes - that's enough to craft a coveted Legendary item. Booyah. We will be giving away fun prizes for viewers too. Like us on facebook to get the event reminder.



Ready to put your skills to the test? Hit the sign up button to get in on the action and go from gamer to competitor! There is glory in your future. Do it! (You will need to be on our production server for this event, meaning a player from one of our soft-launch territories or a closed beta code recipient.)


Join us on our facebook live stream to watch the event, win prizes and hang with the devs. If you haven't yet, like us on facebook to get a calendar reminder for the event. You can also join in our Discord channel to chat with us and fellow Renegades during the event:


Play to win, watch to win! We will be giving out prizes galore! Everyone that signs up and plays will get three item crates! Players finishing ahead of @steakbacon will get 10,000 scrap. T-Shirts and other prizes will be awarded on stream.

Official Rules!

To participate in the Beat A Dev! event you must sign up on this site and provide your email address and game id. Entries will close at 3:30PM on Aug 4th. Participants will earn their scores by playing the in-game Daily Event that begins at 5:00 PM Pacific Time Aug 3th. The event ends at 5:00 PM Pacific Time Aug 4th. That's right, you have 24 hours to play and you can take as many shots as you want at a high score. Scores will be streamed live on from 4:00 - 5:00 PM Pacific Time on Aug 4th.

PS. If you're not currently in the beta don't worry we'll be doing more of these when Renegade launches globally in the near future.