Congrats Locked and Loaded Winners!

Congrats to all that played and those that won! Thanks for coming out to watch as well. We had a great time hanging with y'all. Check out our winners below and head over to our facebook page to watch the rewind.


Locked And Loaded!

Our first official event, Locked and Loaded is on! Sign up now for your shot at some amazing prizes inlcuding one of a kind signed merch from Serj Tankian and John Scalzi, swag packs from our pals at Epic Games and a very special box of #VictoryDingDongs! Enter here.

A Turtle Rules Them All...

The smoke has cleared, devices are down and Turtle (Sean Soria) has emerged from his shell to claim victory in the Eve of Launch Battle of the Devs. Congrats! Sean is our network engineer, has access to the database and is 100% trustworthy, would never use that power for ill deed. Just pointing out.

Watch the stream on Mobcrush!

Watch the stream on Mobcrush!

Watch the devs battle it out.

Aug 10th, 6:00PM Pacific Time on Mobrush we'll be live streaming a local battle of the gamedevs on Renegade from Industrial Toys HQ. This will happen during our weekly happy hour, which is also the eve of the launch for Midnight Star: Renegade. So expect a festive atmosphere and serious competition.



Beat-A-Dev Results are in!

Thanks everyone that came out to play and watch our first Beat-A-Dev event. We had an awesome time hanging out with you all and impressed with the crowd that bested our very own @steakbacon (ha ha, that's me!).

All players earned 3 crates and congrats to our 10,000 scrap winners (See to the right).

See you next time!

Watch the stream on Mobcrush or Facebook.