Native Shooting Mechanics

Renegade uses your touch screen the way it was meant to be used. See an evil alien on the screen you need to shoot? Place your finger on them to shoot them in the face. Gotta zoom in to pull off that perfect sniper shot? Pinch to zoom, just like you would on a photo, and the image enlarges, exposing weak points to get that high value shot off.



Free Movement

Running around a level in a shooter is fun, let's you dodge and also outflank the enemy. In Renegade movement is as easy as swiping where you want to go. And because the input is so simple, you can aim, shoot and snipe while running. Combine all that with different movement types (can anyone say JUMP BOOTS!!!) and you can rack up some pretty cool airborne-circle-strafing moves!




As a soldier in the Renegade Program you are tasked with many important missions to safeguard the human race. Eliminating the enemy, destroying infrastructure, collecting data and rescuing teammates are just a few. Completing mission objectives always earns you rewards and equipment to improve your Renegade's abilities.