Our first speedrun event!

Watch @steakbacon set the bar for our first "Fastest Time to 50 Kills" objective for the Daily Event. Speedy.

Let's Play Renegade Events

Here in Episode 4 we get a first look at the daily events in Renegade. Every day you'll get a chance to compete against your fellow Renegades on a fresh map with a new objective. The daily events are designed to be quick 2-3 minute challenges like "Be Untouchable" or "Fastest to 50 Kills". The rewards scale up the better you do in your event bracket, so it's a great way to earn items and bits every day. We also run a weekly event that is high-score based and offers more rewards on a weekly basis.

Skins coming to Beta 4

The team is hard at work on wrapping Beta4 right now. In this release we've put in lots of polish and little fixes to make the game smoother, prettier and more fun. The big feature this month is the addition of custom skins for character armor and weapons.

The hardest star to get?

Watch a master class in speedy execution as head of the t-shirt dept. @steakbacon shreds up some aliens in double time. This is one of the hardest objectives to complete, made possible by a pretty radtastic Pure Fire Auto Rifle.

We are live in Scandinavia!

We are live in Scandinavia!

Super pumped to be on the AppStore in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden! We are looking forward to meeting new Renegades. Beta 3 is the culmination of hard work from the team and great feedback from players.

There are lots of fun new features in the game including a complete refresh of all the weapon and armor parts - and they are looking radtacular! You can also hop into a daily or weekly event and check out your compatriots' gear and stats with the new profile views.

Badges are earned for unlocking and completing campaign zones. And Sticky Grenades make their way into the build - because who doesn't want their grenades attaching to that alien who is running into the hive!

Because you earned it!

Because you earned it!

I go back and play earlier levels with my jacked up character because it's fun to mow down baddies when you are OP. Admit it - you love it too. I like getting the 2nd and 3rd objective on each level too. But wouldn't it be nice if there was something to show for it? Problem sovled. We now have zone badges, in two flavors. Silver for unlocking zones and gold for three starring the entire zone. Zut! And they appear in your profile, so you can show them off to the world.