We are getting very close on submitting for Beta 2. Lots of improvements and additions to the build since the last version. Thanks everyone that gave us feedback. Here's what's in store and a video link to a short playthrough on the new build:

- Multiplayer Events
    Advance Guard: Every day a new event with your fellow Renegades. Prizes for all tiers of finishers. Daily events are slightly longer than campaign missions, but way shorter than the old endless runs.
    Active Duty: This event lasts the whole week and has even bigger prizes! Rules and length are similar to the old Endless Runs, so scores can really rack up here.
- Story
    Your team at the Renegade Program now keeps you up to date on what is happening in the galaxy and the twists and turns of our conflict with the Dust
- Audio
    Music and soundfx treat your ears to the glorious sounds of scifi combat action. And our friend Serj Tankian returns as composer for Renegade's inspiring soundtrack.
- New Levels
    New levels have been added to the Campaign

- Real Time Shadows
    The environment and characters now cast shadows onto surfaces.
- Improvements to Targeting
    Priority targeting has been improved.
- Polish and Simplification to Main Menu
    The main menu is now simpler and cleaner. Hopefully more intuitive!
- Easier Scrapping Options
    You can now scrap unneeded parts from the weapon equip screen and the drop-open screen.
- Stat Compare Block
    When examining parts in your weapon or armor there is now a display that shows the incremental gain/loss to key stats
- Character/Weapon view
    You can tap the 'eye ball' on the armor and weapon screen and view your stuff in detail.
- Surfaced Primary Stats
    Primary Stats for weapon and armor parts are now surfaced at the part level. So, for instance, when looking at your grips you can see at a glance which ones are auto-fire.
- Texture Revisions for Gear
    A more unified and slightly less fruit loop appearance to randomly assembled weapon and armor parts.

- Android Build
    The game runs on Android devices.