Wanna stream, youtube™ or make a fan site? You've come to the right place! We have fun stuff for you to use in your endeavor and we want to help support you in doing it! See below for what we have for you:

Renegade Resource Kit

The resource kit has lots of images, icons, logos and overlays for you to use in your streams, videos and sites. Hopefully these assets make it easy to get started. We will update the kit from time to time. And keep in mind these resources are provided under the Kit Guidelines which is included in the kit.

>>> Download Renegade Resource Kit <<<

Support From Industrial Toys

If you are streaming, posting video or making a site let us know because from time to time we do the following*:

- Promote fan content via our socials @industrialtoys and facebook.com/industrialtoys.
- Provide codes for beta or early access builds.
- Offer prizes for fan run tournaments/events.
- Participate as developers in events.

* Just keep in mind we are a small co. and we won't be able to do everything.